Earn more from every customer interaction

Create, launch, and monetize an exclusive VIP program for your auto repair shop 
in less than 10 minutes.
No Hassles. No contracts. No monthly fees.

Auto shop owners struggle to maximize revenue from their existing customer base 

The auto repair industry is competitive and the market is saturated with options. Without the proper systems in place, it is very hard to find success.
Making your auto repair shop stand out requires excellence in customer service, overall experience, and the ability to profit creatively. 

You're leaving money on the table every day...

Your best customers want to pay you more, but the only items available for purchase are your parts & services. To win in the auto repair industry, creating new revenue streams should be high-priority in your strategy.
  • Your revenue is limited by services you provide
  • Service offerings can be replicated
  • Competition is fierce

You treat every customer the same way...

Some customers expect to be treated like family. Others are fine with business as usual. When your best customers don't receive the best service, they'll look to your competitors.
  • Customers want your attention and focus
  • They want an exclusive experience
  • They want personalized service
  • They want convenience

How is RSS™ changing the status quo?

Repair Shop Subscriptions™ bridges the gap between digital memberships and brick-and-mortar shops. Easily offer your customers paid memberships which grant them access to exclusive experiences and benefits.

Generate New Revenue Streams

Create new ways to monetize your existing customer base on a recurring automatic billing schedule.

Upgraded Customer Experiences

Offer exclusive experiences and benefits to your VIP members and validate memberships in real-time.

Minimal Staff Training Required

Staff can learn to use RSS™ in under 15 minutes so you can go from zero to launched in a single day.

This is for you if...

If you are an auto repair shop operator looking for a way to generate more revenue from your business and offering discounts just isn't making the impact on revenue you need.

You want to earn more revenue from your existing customers

Elite Access enables you to generate additional revenue from your existing customers by selling VIP experiences.

Specials and discounts aren't driving enough sales

When your revenue is limited by your services, you have to get creative to generate additional sales.

You want to stand out and offer a better customer experience

Experience is everything - give your customers an upgraded experience that's monetized every time they visit.

How it works

RSS is simple to use and handles the process of running and validating a membership program from start to finish

Customer chooses a membership and pays

The customer joins your program in-store and pays using their credit card.

Customer receives membership card

Print out a membership card on the spot or use a digital copy emailed directly to the customer.

Customer presents card to redeem their benefits

The customer present their card to your staff to validate their membership and receive benefits.

Customer QR code is scanned by staff

The customer's QR code is scanned and they are checked-in and all relevant parties are notified via SMS text message.

Manager closes out visit

At the end of the shift, your manager will update and close out the visit by including total spent, customer mood and any relevant notes.

Powerful insights to enhance your experience

RSS™ gives you actionable insights into your membership program success, manager sales performance, customer sentiment, and revenue growth.

Track Manager Performance

See which managers refer the most new members and upsell products on each customer visit.

Track Revenue & Customer Mood

Track and compare changes in revenue and customer mood across managers and locations.

Supports Multiple Locations

Easily compare performance at every location you have. Run all locations seamlessly from a single device.

Monetize your customer experience in under 10 minutes right now.

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Sign up and Join RSS™ Today!

The first step is to create your  RSS™ account and complete the setup wizard.
  • Account setup takes minutes
  • Register you Managers
  • Brand your membership page
  • Optionally name your locations
Are there any fees?
RSS™ has no monthly fees. We take a small percentage of each transaction. You can learn more on our pricing page.
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Create Your Packages

Decide what membership options you'd like to offer and add them to your RSS™ account.
  • Bill monthly or annually
  • Create multiple tiers
  • Set your own prices
What if I don't know what to offer?

Your account will be pre-loaded with 3 example package tiers
Or book a call with our team and we'll be happy to help you brainstorm to create a winning strategy. 
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Promote Your Program

Once you're setup, you're ready to start selling. Spin up Kiosk Mode to easily add new members on-site.
  • Add members from any device
  • Rolling 2-day bank deposits
  • Start selling same day
How hard will it be to train my staff?
RSS™ fits into your existing workflow and can easily be learned by your staff in under 15 minutes.